Laras - APlikasi kasir toko penjualan online POS apps by laravel

Laras - Aplikasi kasir toko penjualan online POS apps by laravel


Simple system apps.


Point of sale features.


Inventori stock.


Report details.

Laras APps is a point of sale application including modern website develope using laravel php artisan for art technology and build your modern website and point of sale app too.

Laras - APlikasi kasir toko penjualan online POS apps by laravel

Whats is Laravel ??

Laravel is modern and popular framework for develope and build website application , many developer in the world using this framework because with laravel you can make powerfull apps , secure , fast and stable for deploy project.


With using laravel make your point of sale application up to date with many features including modern website . welcome to digital revolutions era , mobile pos on the go make easy to create transaction or for check your shop income with your smartphone , clouds installation make easy to accsess this pos apps on multi device platform your using, like android smartphone, iphone or cashier point of sale windows. Build with simple system make fast to work with laras laravel point of sale apps. lets get started with laras now login and try this apps.
for login use email : , password : 123456

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Simple Point of sale cashier Apps.

A features : master databased to register create new update and delete, user acount , categories product , product databased including inventori stock management, point of sale for cashier transaction with receipt printer , list pos report detail , income detail on dashbord menu, and modern website for your shop outlet with landing page design make full inform for your customer about product and service your sell, make fast deal with modern website, all in one with laravel point of sale laras apps.

This time to digital revolutions with laras apps.


You can order laras apps with cheap price , this time to use point of sale apps for make fast cashier transaction and make easy to check report , and with modern website for yous shop icon in online wolrd all in one with laras apps. for information and order contact us.

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